Mirrorwatch Help & Support

Do you need help with anything relating to Mirrorwatch? Below you'll find our FAQ.

Questions regarding payment

1: Which payment options do I have?

- Klarna

- Payment by Credit Card (VISA/MasterCard)

- Apple Pay

- Payment by Credit Card (VISA/MasterCard/Maestro)

- Apple Pay


- Bancontact

-Google Pay

- American Express

2. Why can't I pay with my Credit Card?

- You've likely entered the wrong card number and/or security code. Check that your code is correct.

Questions regarding delivery

1. How long is the delivery time?

- Mirrorwatch will send your product on the same or the next business day. We want you to get your product as quickly as possible. External factors such as the post office can result in prolonged delivery times, but in the vast majority of cases the delivery is swift and without incidents.

2. What is the cost of delivery?

- Free worldwide. External factors such as if we for some reason can't send a product to your location can result in you getting a refund instead of your product.

3. I didn't get my order confirmed via email after purchase. Why is that?

- Contact us at and we'll look into your case.

Questions regarding customer service

1. How do I contact customer service?

- Send an email to Try to be as detailed as possible. We always try our best to get back to you within 24 hours. 

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